Do I need a License ?

  • There is no need for any licence or registration to ride or possess your EM bike as per Indian Government laws.

How fast can our E-bikes go ?

The e-bike can reach a maximum speed of 25 kmph with the assistance of the motor to avoid the necessity of a licence or registration as per Indian Government laws. To go faster than that, you can manually pedal the bike.

How powerful is the motor of our E-bikes ?

It is a 250 watt rear hub BLDC motor.

Is the motor repairable ?

No, the motor is not repairable but it is a BLDC motor with a long life and sturdy build.

How long does it take to charge the battery ?

Depending on the battery size, it may take you 4-5 hours to fully charge a discharged battery.

Cost to charge a complete battery ?

Depending upon the cost of a unit of electricity in your area, it can take Rs. 3-5 to fully charge a battery.

What are the riding modes that are there ?

There are five riding modes - PAS (Pedal-assist mode), Throttle mode, Walk mode, Cruise mode and mechanical pedal mode.

How much do the E-bikes weigh ?

T-REX - 22 kg EMX - 23.5 kg Doodle - 28.5 kg

What is the range of the E-bike ?

Your range will vary depending on the model as well as your battery capacity.

Is the battery removable ?

Yes, the battery is removable with a quick release system so that you charge or replace it easily.

Is the E-bike waterproof ?

Yes, all of the bikes in EM’s stable are IP65 water resistant and even their electronic components are protected so that you can ride in any weather condition.

What servicing is required ?

There is no service required for electrical components. The mechanical components can be maintained much like an average bicycle.

Where can I buy EM E-bikes ?

You can buy the e-bike from our website or offline dealerships. You can also find us on online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, BFL Marketplace, ChooseMyBicycle, BLive, eWheeler, Droom.in or anywhere it is available online.

What is the life of the battery ?

The battery contains high quality lithium ion cells that can easily give you 45,000+ km without any loss.